I'm Back!

Not that it really matters, cause er, noone reads this. But it's a useful place to store the odd bit of tat from my life.Things would be a lot easier to explain if I wasn't a lazy cow and updated my blog on a regular basis. However, life in a nutshell can be summed up as...

Shortly before Xmas we left our trainspotters paradise and moved to Garstang. Why we did this has now escaped me, moreso why I decided another 3 month stint of staying with my parents was a good idea. It was helped a bit more this time by the fact we were both working however.

So for the last 3 months we have been living in a 2 bed flat in Arsehang that is part of a new build, though I think they must have built ours over the duration of a Monday night Coronation Street. Well the flat is nice enough really, but its next to one of those pubs that you just don't go in, and there are children with babies everywhere you look...

Needless to say, it looks like by the time it gets to my birthday I will be heading back Lancaster way - but will it be rent or buy?

Other than that, I'm running an eco-friendly cleaning company and have passed my Second Degree Reiki, so hopefully in a few months I will be doing a bit of that too!

I cant be arsed to add anymore to this, mainly because any other stuff I don't want to discuss online here. So here's some pictures...

As soon as we got to Garstang, it snowed. A lot.

Walked up to the top of Nicky Nook. Starting to lose weight at this point, I've now lost a stone and a half since last year whoop

Cleansing my crystal ball in a bluebell wood

I love the woods I do

Hefner hanging out with a chunk of Rose Quartz

The Awakening

Here I am. I've scuttled over from my other blogs, feeling a bit naughty because I broke my rule of Updating All Of My Blogs All Of The Time.

Tonight I am on Jam-Jar Wine (That Paul Masson stuff).

Oh yum.

So in a nutshell what has happened recently...

Sadness! Two of my lal boys have passed over. Jeordie decided to randomly pop his clogs, then my beloved Trent O'Pig followed a week later. Only Hefner is left now, but I don't think he's too bothered as it means he gets all the vegetable scraps. An online memorial can be found for Trent O'Pig here (He lives on thru the power of the internet! Feel free to sing 80's power ballads to him!)

What else? My blogs have got bigger and the word is spreading (particulary around Garstang!), and I'm currently studying to become a holistic therapist. This is something I wanted to do 3 years ago, but life basically put a big sign in front of me saying "YOU'RE NOT READY YET!!!"

I studied massage and aromatherapy back then, which is something I want to pick up this time with a more professional qualification so I can practise. I've also passed Reiki 1st Degree (just got to write up my case studies then I should have finished 2nd Degree too).

Basically everything is very busy at the moment - so I'm just going to have to wait and see where life takes us!

Away to Whitby

We went to Whitby for a long weekend, thankfully before it really started to tip it down. This is part of the view from the hotel...

Whitby is reputedly a pretty haunted place (though I never saw anything, grump). Was this Captain Cook's ghostly ship sailing out to sea? Nah, but for 2 quid you could have a ride of this replica and sing silly songs.

There are a lot of steps in Whitby. A bloody lot. If you can get to the top of some you can get some lovely views such as this one...

Here I am looking rather pleased with myself. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards I dared to wade in deeper and got a rather wet crotch.

Well, it was cheaper than flowers.

A rather jaunty angle of the Church at the top of the 199 Steps. Dad recovering from said steps in corner.

Don't you just love the warm and friendly welcome that the Church gives you?

I'm Still Here!

Wow, it's been over a month - oh dear!

I've been a bit of a busy bee with getting my websites up and running - links are in the sidebar people!

My Freelance Writer site includes another blog, where I add information for fellow writers, as well as any useful resources I find on the Internet. This is also the site to go to if you want any web copy, articles, or absolutely anything produced by my own hand! I'm going to start work on a portfolio section to add to my site as well.

The other two sites are my journey into the world of hyperlocal blogging, something I'm finding very enjoyable and hope to develop over the coming months. So if you live in Garstang or Kendal, keep checking back to watch my baby blogs grow!

Finally there's a link to my other half's website - He does the website design and search engine optimisation side of things, and he's really rather good at it.

Apart from that, there isn't a great deal to report. Hefner is seriously fat and looks like a snowball, and the poor thing has a cold. I fed him lots of spinach and now he thinks he's Popeye.

Right, I'm going back into the abyss...

*wine-inspired thought of the day*

Google does a lot of things.

'Is there anything Google cannot do?' I pondered. Which brings me on to a couple of suggestions to add some more strings to their bow.  

Google will walk your dog while you are at work, down whichever route you specify on Google Maps. It will also search for any poops your mutt makes en-route and put them in the Googlebag.

Feeling tired/want to go out with the lads/wife's a munter? Google will satisfy your other half while you get on with your life. Simply log into your account and select length of session, approximate no. of orgasms per session and preferred methods of stimulation. Google recognises that you are likely to be unsure about the latter, so helpfully provides you with a 'random' option. 
If I actually thought about it I could probably go on all night so I'll leave it there.


Yes, I'm dicking about with my blog layout. I have a lot to learn!

You wait, by 2012 I'll be a Blog Guru. And I'll look back fondly on these days.

Change in the House of Flies

People who know me will be shocked to discover that I got up at half past 6 today. Er yeah, in the morning. And I intend to continue with this now the summer is here (well maybe the summer bit is wishful thinking, it's just lighter). I have a lot to do. It's all very secret, mainly because I don't entirely know where I'm going with it yet. But once my husband returns from his day job, I shall be using my pester power to get the design of my website underway. It will be a beautiful thing.

Time for a few pictures now...

Me in my rather lovely wedding dress, pretending I'm not freezing in gale-force winds.

Surveying my kingdom part-way up Winder in Sedbergh

UV rocks at the Keswick Mining Museum!

Congratulations are in order to my parents, who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary today. It may also interest you to know that in September, I will reach the age of...25. Hmm.

This is my personal online journal - recording my rants and ramblings (usually wine-fuelled). 
Feel free to read the less edited musings of my soul, but you might need a strong cup of coffee and a well-known orangey energy tablet. 
Sometimes, I add pictures. It breaks up the day.